5 HP Sample Motor

Welcome to ECM PCB Stator Tech’s Sample Motor Evaluation Kit.

Here we extend the opportunity to order a range of pre-designed motors incorporating ECM’s patented PCB Stator innovation. 

Mechanical Power3770 W
Rotor Speed1800 RPM
Torque20 Nm
Operating Point Efficiency94%
Voltage (L-N)206 V
Supply Voltage380 V (3-Phase)
Current13 A
Axial Length5.86”
Motor ControlECM Internally Developed Integrated Motor Control

Sample Motor Evaluation Kit Inquiry

ECM PCB Stator Tech’s Sample Motor Evaluation Kits have been manufactured to allow for hands-on evaluation of our innovative PCB Stator technology.

They serve as the first step toward becoming a full ECM Motor CAD partner and electric motor designer. If you’re ready to order your ECM PCB Stator Tech Sample Motor Evaluation Kit, please complete the form below and our team will get back to you. 

Design faster Build better

ECM’s Sample Motor Evaluation Kit offers users an introduction to becoming a full PrintStator SaaS partner and electric motor designer.

With PrintStator, innovators have access to unmatched design optimization and time-to-market for premium performance PCB Stator motors. As a result, advanced prototyping projects can now be pursued with improved accuracy and significantly reduced time frames and budgets.

Purpose built solutions

As a simplified design tool, PrintStator enables users to easily create complex electric motor designs from any set of motor parameters. The software uses proprietary design algorithms to quickly develop purpose-built PCB Stator motor solutions for each application.

Features & optimization

Exact Motor Designs

PrintStator’s advanced modeling algorithms transform discrete motor specifications into optimized PCB stator motor designs that minimize risk of human error.

Design Flexibility

PrintStator enables unparalleled optimization, allowing users to design a motor around their system rather than designing their system around a motor.

Simulation Tools

PrintStator accurately simulates the performance of each motor design under a variety of operating environments, allowing users to quickly optimize solutions to better fit their specific application.


PrintStator’s users can optimize motor designs for a variety of characteristics including weight, efficiency, torque density, size, current, and/or a combination of criteria depending on application requirements.


Rapid Design Cycle

PrintStator enables swift iterations on designs through the input of altered parameters. With PrintStator, complete models are ready in a matter of hours and functioning prototypes are just weeks away.

Simplified Manufacturing

PrintStator produces unique Gerber files with each motor design. These files can be sent to PCB manufacturers worldwide for immediate prototyping—offering a simplified manufacturing process and rapid designto-prototyping cycle

Software Updates

As a cloud-based software, PrintStator has an integrated feedback loop that ensures the continued improvement of modeling accuracy and optimization capabilities. PrintStator users can expect regular software updates.