ECMs patented technology fundamentally changes the way motors are designed and manufactured. At the heart of this revolutionizing change is ECM’s stator design. A stator is essentially the stationary part of a rotary motor or generator which interacts with magnets creating the magnetic flux. Historically, stators tend to be the bulkiest component of a motor or generator, comprised of layered copper windings and iron laminations. ECM has developed a groundbreaking new stator design by embedding copper-etched conductors into a multilayered printed circuit board (PCB) to form a stator. ECM’s PCB stator is exactly what you think it would be — a circuit board, similar to what you’d find in your laptop or phone. These PCB stators allow us to create remarkably thin, compact, lightweight motors without compromising torque. Motors that were previously unavailable to new technologies.

ECM PCB Stator Motor Design 

ECM’s technology platform leverages a proven manufacturing process, following the same well-established method utilized in the construction of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This results in a very reliable and cost effective production of an entirely new ironless and wireless generator, designed to replace existing conventional motion devices, generators, motors and engines.

Axial gap machines have superior attributes in many applications. While permanent magnets and today’s power electronics have been applied to optimize both radial and axial gap machines, winding structures have been constrained by uniform wire diameter and geometry. ECM has perfected a process that optimizes copper geometries and winding patterns which deliver superior efficiency at a reduced cost.

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Since the birth of technology, the pace of innovation has continued to accelerate. The story of electric motor technology has been no exemption, following this trend of innovation for the past 200 years.
The wait is over! We are excited to announce the launch of our fully redesigned website. On Wednesday June 24th, ECM launched its brand new interactive website.

While most of the world social-distanced from home offices, a small team of ECM engineers remained at our lab in Billerica, MA to support the growing demand for personal protective equipment at Emerson Hosptial with 200 3D-printed face shields.