Press Release on October 11th, 2021 - Celestica announces partnership with ECM to bring ECM’s patented technology solutions to the Aerospace and Defense market.
For decades, product designers and innovators have been faced with the same limitations when selecting a motor or generator for their system. ECM has changed all of this. Article originally published on EETimes.
In a second retrofit project on the same vessel, ECM’s PCB stator design technology has proven its value in reducing motor weight and size and has enabled the replacement of an air handler’s belt drive for a higher efficiency direct drive. Originally published by Wendy Laursen on The Motorship.
Electric motor driven systems account for over 40% of global electricity consumption according to the International Energy Agency. Adoption of motors integrated with ECM’s printed circuit board (PCB) stators and designed with PrintStator will reduce energy waste and provide further environmental benefits when compared to conventional machines.
ECM was named as one of Semiconductor Review's top 10 semiconductor tech solution providers of 2020. Article was originally published in Semiconductor Review.
PCB Stator technology is the ideal solution for precision motion and robotics applications. Article by Eugene Demaitre, Senior Editor at The Robot Report, originally published on The Robot Report.