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PCB Stator Technology

Embrace the motor revolution today and leverage ECM’s cutting-edge technology to create eneregy efficient motors that do more work with less power, less waste, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Motors - PCB Stator vc Conventional copper wound stator


Inefficient motor systems drag significantly on global electricity grids.
ECM’s PCB Stator innovation and advanced Motor CAD platform presents a unique opportunity to reduce this impact. Motors designed with PrintStator are: 
  • More energy efficient 
  • Reduce raw materials and weight, and  
  • Integrate recyclable components 

Reduced Raw Materials
and Weight

Electric motors created with PrintStator are up to 70% lighter than traditionally wound machines and use a fraction of the copper.  

The majority of conventional electric motors are of the radial flux topology and require large amounts of copper to operate.  

PrintStator designed, PCB Stator motors utilize copper exactly where it is needed, creating optimized motor solutions that require up to 80% less copper.  

The reduced weight and volume of ECM’s energy efficient motors benefit the environment in many ways including: 

  • Reducing the energy required to transport electric motors 
  • Reducing the energy use of vehicles they are deployed in by replacing larger, heavier and less inefficient motors and generators on ships, planes, military vehicles, and EVs.  
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“The use of ECM’s PCB Stator technology onboard ship and the related motor prototyping process were new concepts and were demonstrated as viable, reducing onboard weight and increasing motor efficiency.”

Roy Blieberg, ABS Vice President, Engineering


Energy Efficient Motors

PrintStator’s advanced algorithms enable premium electric system performance.

PrintStator designed PCB Stator motors achieve efficiencies in excess of 90 percent.

PrintStator’s ability to optimize the copper geometries within each PCB Stator increases motor efficiency by reducing resistance and eddy current losses and enhancing energy flow.

Energy Efficient Motors with PCB Stators


91% Efficiency

7.1” Motor Diameter
1.3” Motor Length
Energy Efficient Motors with PCB Stator


92% Efficiency

12.8” Motor Diameter
3.4” Motor Length

Energy Efficient Motors with PCB Stator


93% Efficiency

14.5” Motor Diameter
4.2” Motor Length

An Infinite Catalogue of Exact Solutions

PrintStator’s design and optimization capabilities enable tailored solutions for any application.

These solutions offer benefits to energy sustainability.  

For example, if a global HVAC manufacturer needs a 1.62 horsepower electric fan motor that achieves 94% efficiency, conforms to an exact form factor, and complies with regional minimum energy performance (MEPs) requirements, that can be designed via PrintStator.

Utilizing a perfect solution over a ‘best’ fit machine can increase system efficiency and reduce raw materials use to positively impact the environment. 

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“Over half of all electrical energy consumed in the United States is used by electric motors. Improving the efficiency of electric motors and the equipment they drive can save energy, reduce operating costs, and improve our nation’s productivity.”

United States Department of Energy

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Recycled Magnets

The carbon footprint ofECMsPCB Stator machines is further reduced by the opportunity to recycle permanent magnets. 

Permanent magnets only lose about 1% of their magnetism every 100 years. At the end of an ECM’s motor’s lifecycle, it can be easily dismantled and the magnets removed for re-use in other PCB Stator motor applications.  

Constant Evolution of
ECM's Energy Efficient Motors

ECM  continues to enhance its PCB Stator technology and PrintStator software to deliver sustainable design solutions in every electrified application.

Innovators around the globe are leveraging ECM innovation to develop sustainable motor solutions in many electrified applications including e-mobility, HVAC systems, military applications, robotics, home appliances, and generators.  

PrintStator’s advanced algorithms enable motors with superior efficiencies and a reduced carbon footprint. The software’s embedded feedback loop ensures ECM’s advanced optimization platform will continue to evolve,  raising the bar for electric motor efficiency.