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Your Key to the Future
of Motor Design

PrintStator fundamentally changes the way motors are designed and manufactured.

ECM’s advanced design software immediately and automatically transforms motor requirements into optimized, unique PCB Stator designs, ready for rapid prototyping and commercial production.

Motor as a Software

How does PrintStator motor CAD work?

PrintStator enables motor solutions that are designed around systems rather than having to design systems around a motor from a fixed catalogue.

Electric motors are not several-sizes-fit all products, but critical system components that should be designed to exact fit. The motor topology for exciting, new 21st century applications should have the agility, scalability, and performance matching the applications in which it will be used. The PrintStator motor as a software package is an empowering design platform for innovators, following this vison for electric machines.

Easy Optimization

PrintStator curtails human error and allows considerable flexibility in specifying optimization parameters and design restraints. The software uses application priorities along with operating parameters to produce unique application-specific solutions. Optimization criteria and constraints include but are not limited to specific voltage ranges and current, maximizing efficiency or torque-density, and minimizing costs, weight, or size.

Rapid Design Cycle

PrintStator allows for swift iterations on designs through the input of altered parameters. With PrintStator motor CAD, designs are ready in a matter of hours and functioning custom motors are just weeks away. Optimization algorithms take all the heavily lifting out of creating a custom PCB Stator, converting what could be a month plus long process into seconds.

Exact Solutions

PrintStator’s advanced algorithms transform discrete motor specifications into optimized PCB Stator designs with exact operating conditions. The software can also consider application specific requirements including weight, size, cost, and efficiency targets to ensure the design of a purpose-built machine. Furthermore, a constant software feedback loop feature guarantees continuously improving algorithms.

Design Opportunity
with PrintStator

The flexibility of PrintStator motor CAD and the unique manufacture of PCB Stators create unparalleled design opportunities.

Since there is no winding of copper wire, the design of PCB Stator motors can be manipulated in ways never before possible. PrintStator has been used to wrap motors around torque multipliers, fit motors into specific shapes, and integrate motors into compact spaces.

PrintStator Motor CAD designed stacked motor

Stacking Motors

When motor diameter is limited but torque requirements are high, PrintStator can create designs that stack two PCB Stators/rotors on the same shaft. This design feature doubles the torque capability without significant losses in efficiency. Even stacking more than two stators/rotors is a possibility.

PrintStator Motor CAD designed Segmented Stator

Segmented Stators

PrintStator can design PCB Stators as segments, only utilizing a fraction of the 360° stator design, to further increase design flexibility and reduce manufacturing costs. This method has been utilized for small generator applications as well as highly intelligent motors that activate specific stator segments to run at different operating points.

PrintStator Motor CAD designed stators

Rings & Other Shapes

In cases where system integration or other unique application specifics require extremely compact form factors, PrintStator has successfully designed motors with custom shapes. For example, ECM designed a motor for a robotic application as a thin annular ring, integrating a harmonic drive torque multiplier in the motor cavity. Circles, rectangles, and other shapes are also possible through PrintStator.

with PrintStator Motor CAD

PrintStator leverages the global capacity of the printed-circuit board industry to enable rapid prototyping and full-scaled production. With each unique PCB Stator design, PrintStator automatically generates a Gerber file, an open ASCII vector format for 2D binary images ubiquitously utilized by the PCB manufacturing industry. This file specifies key factors, such as copper weight, layout for each layer, vias, solder mask, and legend, and can be used to immediately print the stator worldwide. The end result is unmatched flexibility, time-to-market, and scalability.

Image showing Electric motor development process

in 3 easy steps


Motor Specifications

Input desired motor specifications including form factor restrictions, efficiency targets, torque and power, to let PrintStator know what’s most important.


PCB Stator Motor Design

Sit back and relax as PrintStator designs and optimizes a unique PCB Stator motor design with exact operating parameters for your application.


Manufacture Ready

PrintStator generates a detailed description of the motor design and build characteristics ready for commercial production via Gerber file.

The Future

Stop designing your system around a motor, and start utilizing PrintStator motor CAD to design next-generation, purpose-built motors around your system.

ECM will soon offer software licenses to the award winning PrintStator motor design software.
With PrintStator in your toolbox, you will create your own integrated, custom PCB Stator motors and generators – specialized for your end-use applications – from the comfort of your personal computer. The software will then communicate with local printed circuit board design houses to deliver your complete turnkey motor solution within weeks. You can test PrintStator today, just send us your motor specifications and ECM will work with you to design a custom fit motor for your application.