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Unique PCB Stator solutions for innovation on a global scale.

Optimized for a wide variety of applications to deliver superior performance in compact packages.

Unique PCB

Optimized for a wide variety of applications to deliver superior performance in compact packages.

With ECM’s Motor CAD platform, a nearly infinite number of motor designs are possible. Whether improving an existing system or creating an entirely new technology, motors designed with PrintStator, including our cutting-edge PCB Stator Solutions, have been proven to provide remarkable system level efficiency improvements in a significantly smaller footprint. Within a broad range of applicability, a PCB Stator motor designed and developed with PrintStator will consistently be lighter, smaller, and more efficient in an application than an off-the-shelf motor.

On this page you will find a sample list of applications that PrintStator has developed turn-key solutions for. Don’t see the application you are thinking of? 

PCB Stator Solutions are Flexible and Versatile Across Industries

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PCB Stator

PCB Stator technology is flexible and versatile – integrating seamlessly into a range of applications to provide compact, efficient, and easy-to-manufacture PCB Stator solutions.

As one of the largest electric motor markets in the world, HVACR is leading the transition to PCB Stator technology solutions.

ECM is involved with dominant pump, fan and compressor manufacturers to provide cost-effective, energy conservative, straight-to-market solutions for both the residential and commercial HVACR markets. For the HVACR industry, ECM has prototyped high performance motors including a 750W motor with 92% efficiency, a 2.2KW with 93% efficiency and a 4.5kW with 94% efficiency.

Motors designed with PrintStator can add considerable value to e-mobility systems.

ECM PCB Stator solutions offer superior power densities and higher efficiencies allowing for an extended battery life and increased range for integrated systems. A smaller, lighter motor translates to more capacity for additional battery modules and allows for compact integration as mid-drive motors without interfering with passenger comfort or other mechanical components. Further, ECM’s motors are acoustically quiet, enhancing the ride experience.

ECM has developed a prototype drive motor for a German manufacturer’s e-bike which reduced weight and volume, improved integration, maximized efficiency and enhanced the ride experience. ECM is currently working on several e-mobility projects including a next generation electric motorcycle.

ECM’s technology can integrate into a range of on-board motor applications providing superior power density and minimal axial length for applications where space is limited, but power is a must.

Improving the weight and performance of these on-board motors and generators can translate to reduced drag, increased fuel range and increased weight capacity.

ECM developed a replacement 3hp motor for an application aboard a government training vessel. The motor reduced weight by more than 60% and improved operating efficiency. After undergoing sea trials, ABS issued a “Statement of Maturity” for ECM’s PCB Stator technology and confirmed the reduction of onboard weight and increased motor efficiency.

The demand for at home fitness equipment is accelerating and so is the involvement of electric motors in these at home systems. Motors designed with PrintStator can solve many of the home fitness industry’s biggest obstacles.

The combination of the ECM motor’s lightweight properties and flexible form factor can improve system portability and storage. Furthermore, PCB Stator motor characteristics, such as lack of cogging, reduced noise, and durability add to user comfort and product usability. ECM has also designed motors for small generator products applied to home fitness equipment.

Unlike many conventional electric machines, ECM motors do not have any cogging torque.

Since PCB Stators have no iron, there are no preferred rotor positions, thus enabling a superior quality of motion. ECM has designed PCB Stator solutions for gimbal and other precision motion applications offering exceptional pointing accuracy – using a 24-bit encoder offers 16,777,216 discrete positions. Recently, ECM utilized its superior quality of motion with a custom motor solution designed for inertia wheels for the film industry, giving videographers a ‘real’ feel to robotically controlled camera pans and tilts.

Our PCB Stator design is incorporated into cutting edge medical equipment that deliver acoustically quiet operation and increased energy conservation in a condensed package.

ECM is currently engaged in several cutting-edge medical projects that are positively impacting patient lives. ECM’s motor technology is powering an arm brace that helps restore function in arms paralyzed by stroke, brachial plexus injury (BPI), cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular diseases and injuries.

ECM’s technology can also be found in a lightweight oxygen concentrator that allows patients to remain active and mobile without the inconvenience of an oxygen tank.

The PCB Stator platform provides aerospace and defense systems with the design flexibility, power efficiency and weight reduction necessary to advance technologies in the sea, on land and in the air.

ECM has designed a high torque, low RPM motor for a large autonomous vehicle manufacturer that is significantly quieter and more efficient than the current solution. ECM also maintains partnership with global electronics manufacturer, Celestica, in order to accelerate the adoption of PCB Stator technology in the A&D markets. Celestica offers ECM customers full assembly and product lifecycle support across Celestica’s A&D global centers of excellence (COEs)

ECM’s PrintStator can develop cost-effective motor solutions for consumer appliances that offer many technical advantages over conventional motor types.

PrintStator optimizes the use of raw materials, minimizing any redundancy, and designs a machine for your exact end-use. Further, the axial nature of ECM motors and form factor flexibility allows PrintStator to design motor solutions that are completely integrated with your system. Less audible noise and higher energy efficiencies further contribute to product success.

ECM has recently been involved with a variety of at-home appliances including blenders, washers, grinders, and openers, to develop custom, fully integrated motor solutions.

Leveraging ECM’s technology creates motors with high power density and minimal axial length, which allows for compact, lightweight robotic designs that were previously unachievable.

Increased motor efficiency improves battery life for mobile applications and reduces energy costs for stationary ones. Additionally, the ease of hollow shaft designs contributes to the technology’s flexibility. ECM recently partnered with a multinational, high-tech precision gearing company to integrate PCB Stator technology in remarkably small and powerful actuator packages for robotic applications.

In addition to custom electric motors, PrintStator can also design high performance custom generators.

The lack of cogging in ECM motors coupled with high energy efficiency enable extremely effective generators. Further, the axial form factor and durability of PCB Stator solutions adds to the technology’s benefit for next generation wind and other turbine types.