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Join the motor revolution
Design your own custom
PCB Stator motor

Utilize our PrintStator software to seamlessly convert your motor design specifications into tailored, high-efficiency PCB Stator motor and generator solutions.

Submit Your Motor or
Generator Specifications

Tell us about your application.

The form below outlines the parameters our software will use to develop a unique electric motor or generator for your application. Each submission produces a unique datasheet outlining physical and operating characteristics, including predictive performance info.

Due to high demand, PrintStator and the ECM team are currently focusing on motor and generator designs 20kw and below. We apologize for any inconvenience. Contact us here for any general questions or comments.

Questions about our design your own electric motor process?

If you have more questions about our technology or your  applications compatibility with PCB Stator Technology, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

Design Your Own Electric Motor with PrintStator

Exact Solutions

Advanced algorithms transform discrete motor specifications into optimized PCB stator solutions.

Rapid Design Cycle

Models are ready in a matter of hours and functioning custom prototypes are just a few weeks away.

Manufacturing Ease

Automatically generates design files that can be used to print the stator by PCB manufacturers worldwide.

Design Flexibility

Unrivaled flexibility in specifying optimization parameters and application constraints.

No Human Error

Human error is eliminated from the design process.

What Happens Next?

Design Your Own Consultation
1. Consultation & Input Specifications

ECM’s specialists will work with you to identify opportunities to leverage ECM’s technology within your applications.

Design Your Own Motor Modelling
2. Design & Modeling

ECM’s engineering team will use PrintStator to create unique PCB Stator motor and generator designs based off your detailed specifications.

Design Your Own Motor and Testing
3.Optimized Solution Assembly & Testing

The ECM lab will send you a batch of optimized solution prototypes, built and tested to your exact specifications for your selected application.

Design Your Own Motor for Manufacturing
4. Design for Manufacturing

The ECM team will provide ongoing support with the Design For Manufacture process of your selected commercial application.

Design Your Own Motor for Commercialisation
5. Commercialization

Utilizing our extensive experience, ECM will guide and assist you throughout the commercialization process of your application. We can accomplish this through our network of manufacturing partners or by leveraging your in-house manufacturing capabilities.

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