PRESS RELEASE: ECM Partners with NODO to Create Commercial Cinema Controller


PRESS RELEASE: ECM Partners with NODO to Create Commercial Cinema Controller

The collaboration marks continued applicability of ECM’s PCB stator technology and PrintStator software for custom design of haptics and simulated inertia driven products. 


E-Circuit Motors (ECM) has partnered with NODO Film Systems to upgrade NODO’s Inertia Wheels Max cinema controller using ECM’s PrintStator software. The new product leverages printed circuit board stator motors integrated deeply into the assembly of the wheel—which provides more torque and higher precision in a smaller package. 


The NODO+ECM Partnership

NODO was founded by cinematographer Boyd Hobbs with a mission to create smarter film equipment. The Los Angeles based company first launched its Inertial Wheels controller in 2019, which introduced simulated inertia to hand wheels for camera operators in the film, commercial, and television industries. NODO’s controllers are now used on location to capture complex indoor, outdoor and stunt shots in productions ranging from advertisements to studios films. NODO’s new Inertia Wheels MAX takes the haptic experience to the next level by leveraging PCB Stator technology to generate three times higher peak motor torque, while using ECM’s slotless design to drive realistic physics beyond the weight of mechanical gear heads. 

Applied to NODO’s Max controller, ECM’s PCB Stator motors solved a major dilemma in haptics. With conventional motors, as torque increases, cogging also increases. With PCB stator motor technology cogging is eliminated. Additionally, the limited selection of premium brushless motors that overcome cogging is significantly more expensive than PCB stator technology. The price to torque relationship has forced a trade-off in the quality of the inertial simulation.


ECM's Motor Design


Utilizing ECM’s PrintStator software, NODO designed a custom wheel assembly in close collaboration with ECM engineers. The end result is a single assembly that is both an electric motor and a hand wheel with the pcb stator, handwheel hardware and flashy RGB LEDs integrated into one housing. The final product is literal direct-drive.


ECM's Motor Design


NODO will begin sales of the Inertia Wheels Max cinema controller online starting in third quarter 2022. 


“The result of this collaboration is a new step forward for both the film industry and high torque, high precision haptics. The combination of torque, precision, flexible form factor, and ease of manufacturing did not exist before these motors. It’s an inspiring and revolutionary combination of technology,” said Boyd Hobbs, NODO President.


PCB Stator


“We are proud to debut the first commercially available motors developed with ECM’s PCB Stator software and technology platform for simulated inertia and haptics. I’m certain these axial flux motors will become ubiquitous as quickly as engineers and innovators learn how to utilize them—which is soon. This technology has changed NODO’s direction and opened up new product avenues that were inaccessible to us before,”  added Hobbs.


NODO is already working on new products that utilize PCB Stator motors via PrintStator and will also help provide integration, motor/driver design, and firmware development for other companies in the film and haptics space looking to implement ECM’s PrintStator motor designs. 

The partnership demonstrates continued application of ECM’s PrintStator design platform to create commercial products that utilize haptics and simulated inertia, such as simulated gaming and gimble camera systems.


“The NODO team are true innovators in the haptics space. NODO quickly recognized the characteristics associated with PCB Stator motors and machines developed with PrintStator as having many benefits to the film industry, " said Rob Luchars, Vice President, ECM.


About ECM

ECM uses revolutionary printed circuit board stator technology to create next generation motors for multiple applications. ECM’s PrintStator software designs electric motors that are lighter, faster, quieter, more energy and design efficient, and greener across myriad use cases.


Leveraging our PrintStator software, the NODO team designed a completely integrated and technically superior electric motor for their new simulated inertia hand wheel. This whole process took just over three months from conceptual design to tested product and final integration—offering NODO a simply remarkable time to market,” added Luchars.


ECM has partnered with multiple organizations to design perfect fit motors across a variety of applications: HVAC, Consumer Electronics, E-Mobility, Fitness, Medical, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, and more. 

You can learn more about ECM’s PCB stator technology at For inquiries regarding PCB Motors and custom solutions, email


PCB Stator


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