At ECM, everyone is involved in making the company a success. We form a collaborative team with specialization in Business Development, Engineering, Research and Development, Operations and General Management with the sole goal of disrupting and improving motor technology for the next generation of innovators.



President & CEO


Mr. Casey is a leading expert in the energy and technology industry with over 30 years of experience. As the founder and CEO of SourceOne, Mr. Casey was responsible for the overall management and technical efforts of the Company and successfully raised equity investments, targeted and acquired a complementing business from a division of a fortune 500 energy services company, and developed a uniquely qualified commercial market, private utility offering and went on to create a leading energy services company that is now recognized internationally.

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Under Mr. Casey’s direction, SourceOne developed and implemented award winning sustainable energy projects for its customers and secured high profile multi-million dollar energy efficiency, and infrastructure contracts within both the private and public sectors. Veolia Environnement S.A. acquired SourceOne in April of 2007. Mr. Casey continued to grow SourceOne over the next several years, realizing double-digit growth in both revenue and earnings, culminating in significant shareholder value. Mr. Casey co-founded SourceGreen, an industrial scale solar energy development company that successfully created 8 MW’s of renewable solar energy within the state of Massachusetts. NextSun Energy acquired SourceGreen in 2013.

Mr. Casey currently serves on the Boards of Cantega Technologies, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of dielectric polymer products serving the electric utility industry and Greenwich Energy Solutions, a leading energy management and energy efficiency company serving the metro New York City market. Mr. Casey holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Power Systems & Delivery from Northeastern University.


Chief Scientist


Dr. Shaw received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000 in the Laboratory for Electronic and Electromagnetic Systems under Professor S. B. Leeb. Dr. Shaw also holds EE ('00), M.Eng. ('97) and S.B. ('95) degrees from MIT. While at MIT, he was honored with the 1997 David Adler memorial prize for the “best thesis in electrical engineering.”

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Dr. Shaw is the author of more than fifty peer-reviewed articles which have in excess of 1,600 citations. In 2007, he was honored by the IEEE Power Engineering Society with a prize paper award for a 2005 paper on dynamic modeling of fuel cells. This paper now has in excess of a 350 citations. Dr. Shaw is a named inventor on two U.S. patents and several applications. In 2007, he received the Vice President for Research Award for Meritorious Science and Technology. Dr. Shaw was also honored by Technology Review magazine as one of the TR100 (top one hundred innovators) who will “create the future.”

The National Academy of Engineering selected Dr. Shaw as a member of the Frontiers of Engineering Class of 2003, which brings together “a select group of emerging engineering leaders from industry, academe, and government labs...” Dr. Shaw was invited by the National Academy of Engineering to participate in the first meeting of the National Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Engineering at the Global Grand Challenges Summit in London in 2013. Dr. Shaw is the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award. Dr. Shaw has also been recognized on several occasions as an outstanding instructor by his students. He has supervised more than twenty students in graduate and doctoral research who now hold a variety of positions in industry and academia.

Dr. Shaw has fourteen years of professional research, teaching and consulting experience since obtaining his doctorate. He holds license number 19596 as a professional engineer in the state of Montana. He is a senior member of IEEE, an officer in the local IEEE chapter and a member of Sigma Xi. His interests span a wide variety of fields, united by the themes of control, modeling and identification of energy conversion and storage. Dr. Steven Shaw is a consultant and full professor of electrical engineering at Montana State University.


Chairman, Board of Advisors


Ken Morse is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and global sales veteran. He is Chairman & CEO of Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc. Following graduation from MIT with a BS in Political Science and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Ken co-founded six tech startups with MIT friends and classmates, all of which went global. Ken was either CEO or head of all or part of the sales machine for each of them, including 3Com and AspenTech. Five did well, with two Unicorn IPOs and three successful mergers; one was a disaster.

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Ken is a thought leader in innovation, entrepreneurship and global sales. He has been active for 40+ years commercializing novel technologies such as ECM, and bringing breakthrough inventions from lab to market. Ken’s focus at ECM is on accelerating our engagement with ambitious client firms seeking to significantly expand their market position by embracing and deploying ECM’s technology.

Ken serves on the Board of Advisors of several ambitious, young, fast-growing tech firms in Boston, Quebec, Europe and beyond. Ken served on President Obama’s National Advisory Council for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE, Washington) which launched Startup America and the JOBS Act, where he chaired the sub-committee on Advanced Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. He is a visiting professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, where he teaches Global Sales Strategies.


VP, Applications Engineering


Mr. Fielding brings 25 years of experience in various hi-tech industries to E-Circuit Motors. He founded Fielding and Associates, a firm specializing in innovative uses of technology to improve materials and processes for design and construction.

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Mr. Fielding has worked as a technical consultant to the venture capital field and at MIT’s Haystack observatory. Mr. Fielding received his Bachelors of Science degree from The University of California at Davis and received designation completion of MIT’s Design of Motors, Generators and Drive Systems program.


Executive Chairman


Former Global Head of Markets for HSBC and member of HSBC Group Executive Committee. A seasoned Global Macro investor with extensive strategic management experience, and excellent contacts amongst senior Hedge Fund managers, bankers and regulators. Mike serves as a non-executive director of Jadwa Investments. Mike has also served as a senior Advisor to Moore Capital.




Gary is an entrepreneur, investor and benefactor. He founded Acadian Asset Management in 1986 to offer advanced global investment strategies to institutional investors around the world. He has been investing globally for over 40 years and was one of the first institutional managers to advocate the benefits of disciplined global equity investment for US based investors. He spent nine years at the Putnam Companies and later founded Acadian Financial Research (predecessor of Acadian Asset Management). The firm worked extensively with a number of major investment organizations, including State Street Bank and Trust Company, where it developed and helped manage the first international index matching strategies.

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When the formal relationship with State Street ended, Acadian Asset Management began managing institutional assets directly. Since then, the firm grew to over $100 billion of assets under management and continued to be a pioneer in developing a variety of active management strategies for global investing.

Gary retired from Acadian in 2017 so he could devote more time to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and young companies — mainly MIT spin offs — to achieve their full potential, on the global stage. After a year of following ECM’s progress closely as an active investor, Gary was elected to the ECM Board of Directors in early 2018. He also serves on the Board of Advisors of the Martin Trust MIT Center of Entrepreneurship, among other ambitious enterprises.

Gary has been a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Portfolio Management. His award-winning article, “A New Route to High Returns and Lower Risks,” published in the journal in 1975, was one of the first to advocate significant allocations of the assets of US–based funds to global equities. His other publications include articles in the Financial Analysts Journal, Columbia Journal of World Business, Management Science, The Wall Street Journal, and The MIT Sloan Management Review, as well as chapters in many books.

Gary currently also serves on the boards of several major non-profit institutions, including Boston Children’s Hospital. He has a particular interest in development economics and emerging markets, gained in part from his extensive research experience in India, including being hosted for several months in the Usha Fan Company. He earned a doctorate from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where he also served on the faculty. His interest in becoming an entrepreneur, and helping others, started when he took the course “New Enterprises” at MIT in the 1960s.


Senior Advisor


Mr. Balcom is a proven leader in the Energy business with over 30 years of experience. As a senior leader at ABB, Mr. Balcom was responsible for the negotiation, financial and technical oversite of global supply contracts with the world’s largest oil and gas companies; Shell and ExxonMobil. Mr. Balcom was a Global Product Manager for ABB’s ANSI product offering inclusive of all Research and Development efforts. ...

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Mr. Balcom started up a division of Cummins Northeast Inc. as General Manager and successfully led the group to profitable growth for 10 consecutive years. Mr. Balcom was responsible for the overall management, product definition, risk management, design and construction of CHP energy systems, and life cycle maintenance contracts. As Director of Account Management for NSTAR (formerly Boston Edison), Mr. Balcom led a team of Account Managers and the top 800 NSTAR customers through the transformation in the Electric Deregulation industry in Massachusetts. Mr. Balcom created and implemented leading business practices that are utilized to this day. Mr. Balcom was the Manager of Energy Marketing and Sales for Trigen Energy responsible for all customer interconnection designs, energy sales, contracts and customer service.

Mr. Balcom began his journey as a mechanical engineer with Shooshanian and Crowley Engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western New England University and MBA from Framingham State University. Mr. Balcom held a Professional Engineers license in mechanical engineering in MA from 1993 to 2012. Mr. Balcom was a commissioned officer in the US Army Reserves and is a guest lecturer at the Simmons College Graduate School of social work.

ECM was named as one of Semiconductor Review's top 10 semiconductor tech solution providers of 2020. Article was originally published in Semiconductor Review.