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Case Study

ECM integrates PCB Stator Technology into Robotic Joint Actuator applications


ECM has taken a significant leap by seamlessly integrating its state-of-the-art printed circuit board (PCB) stator technology into compact, powerful actuator assemblies designed specifically for robotic joint applications.

Most notably, ECM partnered with a large, multinational, high-tech precision gearing company, whose products are widely used in industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, and aerospace programs to prototype one of our most impressive robotic joint actuator designs.

Benefits of PCB Stator Technology for Robotic Joint Actuator applications

ECM can integrate seamlessly into a range of robotic applications to provide compact, efficient, torque-dense solutions. Our flexible form factor and the ability to produce our motor as a thin ring allows for compact integration with a variety of torque multipliers (strain wave, planetary gear, etc.). Leveraging ECM’s technology creates motors with high power density and minimal axial length, which allows for compact, lightweight robotic designs that were previously not possible. Increased motor efficiency improves battery life for mobile applications and reduces energy costs for stationary ones. Additionally, the ease of hollow shaft designs adds to the technology’s flexibility.

“ECM’s technology simplifies the geometry of the rotor and stator, reducing the number of parts within a fully integrated actuator gear drive platform for a wide range of robotic automation applications.”

Chris Fielding, ECM, Vice President of Applied Engineering


ECM provided an elegant solution without disruption or alteration of existing form factors.

ECM’s design allowed for compact integration with harmonic drive torque multipliers without compromising the design advantage of a hollow shaft. Our robotic joint actuator was more efficient at half the weight and half the axial length of a commercially available competitors’ integration.

Integrated Actuator & DriveCurrently AvailableECM
Actuator/Drive TypeHollow ShaftHollow Shaft
Strain Wave Gear Size1717
Reduction Ratio100:1100:1
MotorBrushless Servo: 200\100VAC, DC24VPCB Stator: 200\100VAC, 12-72V DC
Continuous Torque (Nm)2424
Max Torque (Nm)5757
Max Speed4,8004,800
Axial Length7839.9
OD Size12813.4
Bore Sizes1818
Max Radial Load (kN)2.95.1
Max Axial Load (kN)9.816.3
Moment Load (Nm)188205
Mass (KG)2.51.25

Next Steps

ECM is in the process of expanding PrintStator and PCB Stator Technology into a variety of robotic applications including medical, manufacturing and automation. Form factor flexibility, increased efficiency, and weight reduction are a few of the many benefits when a motor solution is built with an ECM PCB stator, making the technology applicable for almost any application. To discuss the benefits of ECM’s PCB stator technology within your product line, please email us at or visit our design your own page to learn more about our 5-step integration process.

ECM’s work with Robotic Joint Actuator’s has also been picked up across multiple press outlets, including The Robot Report, PR Newswire and Engineering Live.