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ECM at SPS Nuremberg: Showcasing Award-Winning Electric Motor Designs

Exploring Innovative PCB Stator Electric Motor Designs at SPS Nuremberg

Join us at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from November 14th to 16th, booth number 3-415. This marks ECM’s final European trade show attendance of the year, and we’re thrilled to showcase our groundbreaking PCB Stator Technology and award-winning software, PrintStator Motor CAD. We’re excited to demonstrate how these innovations make developing custom electric motors easier than ever.

ECM PCB Stator Electric Motors at SPS Trade Show

Award-Winning Excellence

In the realm of innovative motor design, ECM was recently honored with top awards. In 2023, we received accolades from both the IDEA Awards and the International SaaS Awards, focusing on SaaS-based motor design.

At the IDEA Awards, ECM was recognized for our PrintStator Motor CAD platform and next-generation pump motor design. Our technology platform also achieved top honors at The SaaS Awards, winning in four categories:

  • Bespoke SaaS Solution Of The Year
  • Best SaaS Product For Engineering Management, PLM Or CAD
  • Best SaaS Product For CSR, Sustainability And ESG
  • Best SaaS Newcomer
Internals of ECM's motor with important advantages of the motor

Exploring ECM’s Cutting-Edge Technology

PrintStator Motor CAD and integrated PCB Stator technology offer a solution to a global energy conundrum. While global demand for specialized electric motors continues to surge, outdated electric motor systems account for over 40% of global electricity consumption. ECM’s technology offers a sustainable way to meet this demand.

PrintStator’s SaaS-based motor design platform empowers the custom design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator axial flux electric motors to precise performance and form factor requirements. PCB Stators replace bulky copper windings with ultra-thin discs, resulting in motors that are up to 70% lighter than conventional options, achieving efficiencies in the mid-90s while using only 20% of the raw materials.

Enabling Innovation

PrintStator’s SaaS-based motor design offering is constructed to democratize electric motor design and production. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a large company engineer, our platform allows you to become an electric motor designer and producer. This SaaS model extends options for vertical integration and production to industry players of all sizes.

Join Us at SPS Nuremberg

We invite you to visit ECM at booth number 3-415 at SPS Nuremberg to learn more about our award-winning electric motors and how they can transform your applications.

Discover how ECM’s innovations are shaping the future of motor design. Let’s explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation. We look forward to meeting you at this event.

ECM PCB Stator Electric Motors at SPS Trade Show
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