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ECM Takes Center Stage at AHR Expo 2023

The ECM PCB Stator team took center stage recently at AHR Expo—the pre-eminent industry tradeshow for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR).

Held this year in Atlanta, ECM hosted an exhibit and spoke in AHR’s New Product Technology Theatre. In a presentation titled “Using SaaS to Design PCB Stator Electric Motors with Premium Performance for HVACR”, ECM VP Rob Luchars and Mechanical Engineer Mark Puglia demonstrated ECM’s printed circuit board electric motor topology and PrintStator design software. 

ECM PCB Stator technology staff at AHR awards
Image Credit: AHR

Other ECM AHR Expo 2023 highlights included receiving technology accolades and allowing attendees to trial the software that creates PCB Stator designs. 

ECM PCB Stator Technology Booth at AHR Awards
What is The AHR Expo

The AHR Expo Innovation Awards is an annual competition that honors the most inventive and original products and technologies in the HVACR space. This year ECM was recognized as a finalist in the Ventilation category for a PCB Stator design that exhibited superior HVAC performance. 

This year at AHR Expo, ECM also gave individuals an opportunity to get behind the PrintStator software platform that creates such innovation. For the first time, ECM’s exhibit space included a real-time demonstration, whereby AHR Expo attendees could create their own custom PCB Stator designs via PrintStator and receive specs directly via email. 

Image of ECM PCB Stator - Innovation Awards Finalists plaque

ECM created a 4.5 kW motor for the AHR Expo Innovation awards that achieved continuous 94 percent efficiency while weighing 73 percent less than a comparable, conventional ventilation motor and using 88 percent less copper.

ECM PCB Stator TEchnology Trade Show Booth

When combined with Printstator Motor CAD, PCB Stator innovation offers unique benefits to HVACR systems. PrintStator automatically optimizes PCB Stator designs to precise performance and space specifications. The result is electric motors that are lighter, faster, quieter, and more energy and space efficient. ECM designed motors achieve efficiencies as high as 96 percent and require up to 70 percent less raw materials to produce. 

For HVACR, this translates into products—such as fans, air-conditioners, pumps, and home appliances—that are customized to exact specifications and require less electricity to operate. 

“ECM’s demonstration motor and software trial highlight both the technological benefits of printed circuit board technology and the design flexibility provided by PrintStator to heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration applications,”             

Ethan Frick, ECM Director of Business Development
ECM PCB Stator Technology at AHR Innovation Awards

At AHR Expo, the ECM team discussed these benefits with industry leaders across the HVACR spectrum. The show saw over 42,000 attendees and 1700 exhibitors this year, according to AHR data

To cap it all off, ECM welcomed a number of those attendees to a social hour at its exhibit space. The ECM team looks forward to returning to AHR Expo 2024.  

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