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ECM’s Innovative Motor Design Software Steals the Show at Automate 2024 

The ECM PCB Stator Tech team stood out at Automate 2024, showcasing groundbreaking technologies and winning accolades for its innovative motor design software, PrintStator MotorCAD. Automate 2024, held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, USA, served as the perfect stage for ECM to demonstrate its prowess in the field of automation and robotics. 

As an exhibitor, team ECM welcomed attendees with live demonstrations of PrintStator and numerous examples of PCB Stator electric motor designs. The highlight of the event was ECM’s receipt of the prestigious Automate Innovation Award for Software, underscoring the transformative capabilities of ECM’s innovative Motor CAD 

ECM CEO Brian Casey delivered a compelling talk on the Automate Innovation Stage.

His presentation, titled “Using PrintStator Motor CAD To Optimize PCB Stator Electric Motors for Automation,” provided invaluable insights into how ECM’s software optimizes electric motor designs for automation applications. 

Brian Casey talks at Automate 2024
ECM CEO Brian Casey Talks at Automate 2024

Later that day, Brian Casey joined A3’s Vice President of Marketing, Deb Kling, on Automate Live, which was broadcast across A3’s YouTube channel . Together with the Automate Live host, he explored the need for disruptive technology in the electric motor space and explained the benefits of ECM’s PrintStator software package and PCB Stator innovation —  in driving efficiency and productivity in automated systems. 

Brian Casey talks on Automate live
ECM CEO Brian Casey Talks with Host Deb Kling on Automate Live
Rob Luchars Presents at Automate 2024
ECM EVP, Rob Luchars talks at Automate 2024

On May 8, ECM EVP Robert Luchars took the stage to deliver a thought-provoking presentation titled “How Electric Motor Design Innovation Will Advance Automation.” Luchars delved into the intricacies of electric motor design and highlighted the pivotal role of innovation in advancing automation technologies. 

ECM’s PCB Stator technology, coupled with PrintStator Motor CAD, offers unmatched benefits to robotics and automation systems.

PrintStator’s automatic optimization of PCB Stator designs results in lighter, quieter, and more energy-efficient electric motors. With efficiencies reaching up to 94 percent and requiring up to 70 percent less raw materials, ECM-designed motors represent a significant leap forward in sustainability and performance. 

ECM’s prominent presence and impactful contributions at Automate 2024 reaffirm its position as a leader in innovative motor design through software. With solutions like PrintStator and PCB Stator Technology, ECM continues to advance a more efficient, sustainable, and automated future. 

ECM’s booth at Automate 2024
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