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ECM’s PrintStator Motor Design Software Wins Big at the 2024 Automate Innovation Awards

ECM secures top honors at the 2024 Automate Innovation Awards for its groundbreaking PrintStator Motor CAD SaaS that enables any innovator to devise, optimize, and commercialize premium efficiency, axial flux electric machines. This triumph underscores ECM’s commitment to revolutionizing electric motor design and manufacturing.

ECM won the Software category for its PrintStator motor design software. The Boston-based company’s CEO, Brian Casey, will accept the award at a ceremony in Chicago on May 6.

ECM is honored to receive this Automate Innovation Awards recognition for our PrintStator Motor CAD platform. Advancing 21st century automation will require a nextgen upgrade to electric motor design and manufacturing. As SaaS, PrintStator puts that at the fingertips of any innovator in robotics, consumer electronics, conveyors – you name it,”

ECM CEO Brian Casey

The Automate Innovation Awards, hosted by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), celebrate technologies driving advancements in industrial automation. An independent judging panel selected winners based on measurable impact in increasing system efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving design quality.

The Automate Innovation Awards coincide with Automate 2024—North America’s premier automation and robotics tradeshow, set to take place in Chicago from May 6-9. At the event, ECM will showcase its innovative solutions, including PrintStator Motor CAD, highlighting its role in advancing automation in the 21st century.

At Automate 2024, ECM will host an exhibit and ECM CEO Brian Casey will attend the May 6 Automate Innovation Awards ceremony and deliver an Automate Innovation Stage presentation on PrintStator PCB Stator electric motor design May 7.

PrintStator Motor CAD represents a paradigm shift in electric motor design and manufacturing. By pairing this innovative software with patented PCB Stator technology, ECM delivers next-generation electric machines that are smaller, quieter, and more energy-efficient.

PrintStator Motor Cad Logo

Introduced as a public SaaS product at CES in January 2024, PrintStator revolutionizes the design process for electric motors. From its user-friendly interface, users can fine-tune performance and dimensional specifications, creating optimized motor solutions for various market verticals including: Consumer Electronics, HVAC, E-Mobility, Medical, Robotics, Aerospace, and more.

But PrintStator offers more than just design optimization; it serves as an advanced design-to-manufacture tool, enabling seamless transition from concept to production. Companies can swiftly advance designs to production, leveraging the global capacity of the printed-circuit board industry for rapid production of optimized electric motors.

“PrintStator offers innovators unparalleled design optimization. For example, if a global conveyor manufacturer needs a 1.05 kW electric motor that achieves 94% efficiency, conforms to an exact form factor, and complies with regional energy performance requirements PrintStator can design that,”

ECM CEO Brian Casey.

Beyond delivering performance and cost advantages, PrintStator contributes significantly to energy sustainability.

Research underscores that conventional electric motor systems account for over 50% of global electricity consumption and require substantial raw materials to produce. The US and EU project that converting to next generation electric motor technology could eliminate over 100 million tons of CO2 emissions and save over $30 billion in energy costs.

PCB Stator motors designed via PrintStator are lighter, achieve high efficiencies, and require fewer raw materials, particularly copper.

PCB Stator Advantages Sustainable motor design solutions

ECM is working with several global manufacturing companies to incorporate PrintStator, PCB Stator solutions into commercial and industrial devices compliant with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPs).

With 12 US patents to its name, PrintStator continues to garner recognition for its innovative approach to electric motor design. ECM’s commitment to research and development, coupled with user feedback, drives ongoing product enhancements, ensuring PrintStator remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

ECM’s Automate Innovation Awards distinction adds to a tally of recent technology competition accolades. The company’s PCB Stator electric motor solutions and software have earned 14 award distinctions. ECM was announced a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and a winner in the 2023 Industrial Design, Engineering & Automation (IDEA) Awards for PrintStator. ECM took top honors in The 2023 SaaS Awards for PrintStator—winning four categories (including Bespoke SaaS Solution of The Year). In October, ECM won the Design World LEAP Awards’ Software category. ECM also earned an Electronic Design Power Best Award for its CAD Customizable, Unum Potentia, Electric Motor Controller that enables IE5 efficiency

ECM Award Winning Motor Technology

“The need for specialized electric motors is an overlooked technology trend. The world will require billions of specialized motors annually—in every vertical imaginable—designed to precise performance, efficiency, and size. In ECM’s view, the best way to serve that electric motor future is to offer PrintStator Motor CAD to the public as SaaS,”

ECM CEO Brian Casey

PrintStator’s versatility and potential to reshape the electric motor landscape underscore its significance. ECM’s decision to offer PrintStator motor design software as a public SaaS reflects its vision to meet the growing demand for specialized electric motors across industries, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

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