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What is PrintStator Motor CAD?

In the world of engineering, motor design plays a crucial role in the success of electrical applications.

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Traditional motor design processes have often been time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring extensive expertise and manual iterations. However, with the advent of advanced motor CAD software like PrintStator, engineers can now streamline the design process and rapidly produce advanced PCB Stator motor designs optimized for their exact specifications. 

PrintStator is a cutting-edge motor CAD software that harnesses the power of automation to generate optimized PCB Stator motor designs.

By simply inputting the desired specifications, engineers can leverage this software to produce precise axial flux motor designs that meet their exact requirements. This sophisticated tool eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the possibility of human error, thereby ensuring accurate and efficient motor designs. 

PrintStator Advantages:

  • Exact motor designs
  • Design flexibility
  • Accurate simulation tools
  • Optimization opportunities
  • Rapid design cycles
  • Ease of manufacturing
  • Regular software upgrades
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Innovation thrives when engineers have the flexibility to explore new possibilities. 

PrintStator motor CAD offers a range of design options and customizable parameters; including (but not limited to) motor dimensions, voltage/current restraints, performance specifications, target efficiency and the specific magnetic material integrated.

This design flexibility empowers engineers to push the boundaries of electric motor performance, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency and capability.

PrintStator incorporates advanced simulation tools that enable engineers to validate the performance of their axial flux motor designs virtually. Through accurate simulations, engineers can analyze various aspects such as torque, efficiency and thermal behavior, ensuring optimal performance before physical prototyping. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also enhances confidence in the final design’s performance.

PrintStator Motor Cad datasheet example

PrintStator automatically produces high-fidelity data sheets with expected performance, cost and motor envelope.

Image showing the adaption from Gerber File to Stator to Motor

In conjunction with a streamlined design process PrintStator also simplifies the manufacturing process. The advanced motor software generates PCB Stator designs in the form of Gerber Files which can be delivered to PCB printing houses globally and manufactured immediately for use in the end solution. The simplified manufacturing process leads to improved cost efficiency and smoother production workflows.

ECM PCB Stator Technology, the proprietary company behind PrintStator, is committed to continuous improvement. Regular software upgrades to the optimization algorithms ensure that engineers have access to the latest advancements in motor design. By staying up to date with the latest software releases, engineers can leverage the most advanced techniques and algorithms, further enhancing the performance and efficiency of their axial flux motor designs.

PrintStator motor CAD represents a paradigm shift in electric motor design.

With its cloud-based and proprietary nature, it offers exact motor designs, design flexibility, accurate simulation tools, optimization opportunities, rapid design cycles, ease of manufacturing, and regular software upgrades.

By embracing this advanced design software, engineers can streamline their motor design process, save time and resources, and deliver highly efficient and innovative motor designs across various industries.

ECM will soon license PrintStator a lot of people have no idea what a stator, making it available to individuals, companies, start-ups, governments, and universities. This will allow engineers to interact directly with the software platform, create their own integrated, specialized axial flux motors and generators, and leverage printed circuit board manufacturers to deliver a complete PCB Stator motor solution within weeks.

To learn more about PrintStator motor CAD and how you can begin leveraging it today, visit or email

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