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Aerospace and Defense

The PCB Stator platform provides aerospace and defense systems with the design flexibility, power efficiency and weight reduction necessary to advance technologies in the sea, on land and in the air.
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Revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense

In the fast-evolving world of aerospace and defense (A&D), innovation is not just a luxury but a necessity.

As technology advances, the need for cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), minimize noise, and maintain a lightweight profile becomes paramount. That’s where ECM’s groundbreaking PCB Stator technology comes into play.

PCB Stator

Unlocking the Power of Innovation

The PCB Stator platform revolutionizes the A&D sector by offering design flexibility, unmatched power efficiency, and substantial weight reduction.

Our high-torque motors have proven to be a game-changer, not only for autonomous vehicles but also for a range of military and defense applications. The key to our success lies in providing quieter, more efficient, and more cost-effective solutions than ever before.

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Reducing EMI and Noise

In the high-stakes world of aerospace and defense, minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and noise is of utmost importance. ECM’s PCB Stator solutions offer the highest fidelity for sonar systems with minimized EMI and acoustic noise.

The absence of iron in ECM’s PCB Stators enables zero cogging. This eliminates mechanical excitation of attached structures as a source of noise, making ECM designed machines up to 30db quieter.

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Efficient and Compact Design

ECM motors offer unmatched power density, ensuring exceptional torque in a compact, lightweight package. 

PrintStator produces highly efficient motors with unique benefits to aerospace and defense systems.

PCB Stator machines create capacity for bigger payloads, larger missions, and longer range. Additional advantages include the following:

  • Motor efficiencies in excess of 90%
  • Ability to design a solution to the exact required parameters rather than a “best-fit” model.
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Versatility and Precision

From next-generation simulated inertia products to micro precision motion applications, our motors excel across the board. Their modular design allows for a minimal footprint, making them ideal for a wide range of A&D solutions.

Whether it’s gimbal camera systems or actuator applications, ECM’s motors deliver a level of motion quality that stands out. We have successfully designed and prototyped solutions for various applications, achieving exceptional resolution and performance.


ECM Demonstrates the advantages of PCB Stator Technology in AUV propulsion

ECM has been commissioned by many leading defense contractors to design and prototype custom propulsion motors for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) systems, demonstrating the advantages of replacing conventional radial flux motors with a motor utilizing ECM’s printed circuit board (PCB) stator technology. Several industry leaders have, or are in the process of, standardizing on ECM’s technology.

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A Partnership for Progress

ECM collaborates with global electronics manufacturer Celestica to accelerate the adoption of PCB Stator technology in the A&D markets.

Celestica offers ECM customers full assembly and product lifecycle support, ensuring that our technology reaches its full potential in serving the military and defense sector.


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