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Maritime Motors

ECM’s technology can integrate into a range of on-board maritime motor applications providing superior power density and minimal axial length for applications where space is limited, but power is a must.
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Offering Power Where Space is Premium

Maritime Motors incorporating innovative PCB Stator technology have been shown to offer a high level of power density while maintaining the compact form factor associated with ECM’s advanced solutions.

On many vessels where space is limited, ECM’s motors allow for a tighter integration and thus improved working conditions and  
Providing improved weight and power density can result in longer pay loads and more efficient vessels. 

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Designing Revolutionary Solutions

ECM’s novel design software, PrintStator, delivers a unique opportunity to design optimized solutions built exactly for the required use case.  

PrintStator allows users to input the exact specifications of their application and produces optimized designs within the constraints. Producing custom solutions removes the need for over-specified off the shelf solutions.

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Greater Power Density

ECM designed motors, when compared with legacy solutions, have been proven capable offering an equally powered motor with a mass reduction of up to 70%.

In one on-board application, the designed PCB Stator motor had a total weight of 15kg while the motor that it replaced weighed 45kg.

Furthermore, across a range of power ratings, ECM’s solutions have been shown to match the power in a lighter solution while also increasing the efficiency of the previous motor.

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Distinctive Designs

Leveraging conventional printed circuit board technology, accompanied by ECM’s design platform, offers a distinguishing advantage in design flexibility. PrintStator can optimize for a various features in the active components of the motor including copper thickness, quantity of copper layers, copper geometry, number of poles, turns per pole, magnetic material and magnetic grade.

The mechanical design of ECM’s solutions is also significantly flexible including the opportunity the ability to design motors as thin annular rings, alter stator geometry, produce segmented stators and stack numerous stators in a single motor for application with a limited outer diameter.

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Robust and Durable

Third party testing has highlighted the durability of ECM’s solutions in a number of extreme environments, including motors submerged in salt water with open housing and oil flooded solutions.

Replacing copper coils with a PCB Stator, yields a stator which has the copper fully encapsulated in a fibre glass epoxy. This produces a solution that has less exposed and moving parts and reduces the opportunity for insulation breakdown on the coils.

ECM’s solutions have been put through several highly accelerated life testing procedures with extremely positive results. One test has been running for over 2,700 continuous hours and has completed over 25,000 start/stop cycles without failure.


ECM proves feasibility of PCB Stator Motors for Marine HVAC applications

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and ECM were selected by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) to help determine the feasibility of replacing a conventional motor with a lightweight motor utalizing printed circuit board (PCB) Stator Technology.