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Medical Motor Solutions

Our PCB Stator design is incorporated into cutting edge medical equipment that deliver acoustically quiet operation and increased energy conservation in a condensed package.
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Ensuring Silent Operation

PCB Stator Motors are at the forefront of minimizing electromagnetic interference and acoustic noise, delivering a noticeably quieter performance with a reduction of up to 30db.  

This remarkable achievement is attributed to the innovative design that involves fully encapsulating copper etchings within a composite structure. By doing so, acoustic noise and reliability issues stemming from vibrations and other forces acting on traditional stator windings are effectively eliminated. 

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Simplifying Compact Integration

Medical Motor Solutions produced with ECM’s advanced technology inherently maintain a planer form factor and slim axial thickness. 

The form factor provided facilitates the development of small and lightweight motors ideal for portable systems, allows for enhanced portability without compromising performance.

The unique design opportunities with ECM’s platform supplies a highly adaptable form factor which empowers seamless integration with various torque multipliers. This flexibility enhances the versatility of ECM’s technology, and further compact designs. 

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Reduced Noise for User Experience

The reduction of audible noise offered by ECM’s reduction in vibration and encapsulated design has been highlighted as offering significant advantages in applications where the user interacts closely with the device.

Aside from the encapsulated copper, the zero-cogging featured in ECM motors plays a pivotal role in reducing noise. By eliminating the mechanical excitation of attached structures, ECM motors address noise concerns at their source.

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Compact and Lightweight Designs

ECM has the ability to produce extremely thin and compact motors through the patented PCB Stator technology. As the motors grow in power and torque the length remains remarkably thin, offering a compacting integration when minimal axial length is available.

PrintStator offers motors designed with minimal mass by optimizing material efficiency, specifically with copper. The reduction of raw materials in the motor’s active components along with the flexibility of housing materials enable a lightweight design that offer better portability.

High Efficiency

More Time Between Charges

ECM has successfully applied its PCB Stator technology to a variety of motors, achieving efficiencies that exceed 90%. Notably, ECM’s solutions exhibit efficiency curves that are often more consistent than those of competing technologies, ensuring high efficiency across a broad spectrum of operating points.

The incorporation of ECM’s solutions results in an extended battery life, and longer time between charges for portable, life saving devices.


ECM establishes the value of PCB Stator Technology in next generation Medical devices

ECM’s innovative approach extends beyond mere integration; we have seamlessly incorporated our cutting-edge, quiet motor technology into various medical devices.

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A Partnership for Progress

ECM collaborates with global electronics manufacturer Celestica to accelerate the adoption of PCB Stator technology in the A&D markets.

Celestica offers ECM customers full assembly and product lifecycle support, ensuring that our technology reaches its full potential in serving the military and defense sector.