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Announcing ECM’s New Redesigned Website

The wait is over! We are excited to announce the launch of our fully redesigned website.

Earlier this year, we took a deep breath and reflected on ECM’s tremendous growth in the past months, realizing that we needed a website to match our innovative culture. We envisioned a website that educated our visitors about the hardware and software behind our cutting edge design, inspiring them to utilize the PCB Stator platform for their own innovative technologies

ECM PCB Stator technology 2020 website

On Wednesday June 24th, ECM launched its brand new interactive website.

Our new design adds a wave of new content and images to give readers a full picture of our disruptive platform, makes it easier to navigate the site to help visitors find what they need quicker, and incorporates interactive features to give visitors a tactical, hands-on experience.

When the redesign project launched, we placed a large emphasis on the content and layout of our home page. We included the 360° motor to provide our visitors with an immediate opportunity to interact with our technology while drawing attention to our innate, bold differences with comparable motor technologies. From there, we re-evaluated the structure and content of our homepage in an effort to allow visitors an easier way to learn about PCB Stator technology and submit their motor specifications for an initial design.

Electric motor on ECM website

You will notice that the main navigation remains glued to the top of your window as you scroll through each page. We added this ‘sticky’ navigation, as well as simpler navigation headers and highlighting ‘Design-Your-Own’ to allow fast access to the site’s different pages and easy submission of motor specifications at any place within the site. The footer was also expanded during the redesign to include an embedded Twitter feed, our News Feed’s featured article and links to the Resource Library and FAQ. Now, visitors can stay up to date on the most recent ECM news, easily access downloadable content and find valuable information at any point in the site.

ECM PCB Stator website

Another focus of our project was delivering a stronger representation of our advanced design software. Our website needed to convey two characteristics of PrintStator: its design and optimization capabilities but also its immediate manufacture-ready processes. So, we completely deconstructed the PrintStator page and started fresh with detailed, precise content and a branded approach. The new page introduces the software’s new logo and walks you through PCB Stator production from design to manufacture.

PrintStator logo

We also decided to add a few more information-packed features to the Technology page. An in-depth look at ECM’s 9 core advantages and an interactive timeline, telling the history of electric motors, enhances the visitor’s overall experience and take-away understanding of the technology.

In addition to the changes mentioned in this article, the new website also includes a whole fleet of smaller changes that contribute significantly to the user’s experience and to the site’s innovative feel. We believe the site creates an educational environment where you will be inspired to create and discover the possibilities of this disruptive motor design platform. Explore the site to learn more about designing unique customized PCB Stator solutions for your application! 

Let us know what you think about our redesigned site. We aren’t done yet and will be making continuous improvements. Feel free to send any feedback to

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