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How to Make Your Motor Quieter with ECM PCB Stator Technology 

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In the world of electric motors, the pursuit of quieter operation has always been a top priority. In this endeavor, ECM PCB Stator electric motor design is redefining standards for noise reduction by achieving significant decibel reduction in electrical products and systems over conventional offerings.  

In one example, a market-leading garbage disposal company tested a unit redesigned to incorporate an ECM electric motor. In addition to significantly reducing the size of the garbage disposal, the ECM solution achieved a remarkable 27 decibel reduction in noise compared to the company’s legacy offering with a conventional electric motor. 

In another example, ECM worked with a market-leading consumer appliance company to design an optimized electric motor for a blender. After integrating ECM’s solution into their device, the company conducted several robust noise tests on the blender with the ECM motor vs. the legacy model–and several other motor options. Accelerometers were strategically placed on the outer and inner walls of the units, while an optical tachometer was used to monitor RPM. 

The results were remarkable. The blender with the ECM motor design emerged over 20 decibels quieter than all competing alternatives.  Key insights from the testing indicated that the ECM solution consistently surpassed other motors in all aspects, encompassing overall sound pressure level (SPL) and sound quality. Additionally, the blender unit with an ECM designed electric motor operated with significantly less vibration, including lower synchronous vibration, indicating high quality mechanical design. 

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Envision a world where billions of electrical systems emit a gentle hum instead of a deafening roar. This is possible with ECM’s award winning PrintStator Motor CAD platform. PrintStator designed electric motors with integrated PCB Stator technology are acoustically quieter, reducing operating sound by up to 30 decibels. This lends to the design of products and systems with significantly less noise. 

ECM achieves this by eliminating the mechanical disturbances that afflict conventional motors. Unlike traditional stator windings, which are prone to vibrations and mechanical excitation, ECM’s stators have zero iron and utilize coils that are fully encapsulated within a composite structure. This not only dampens acoustic noise, but also enhances reliability by mitigating the effects of vibration and external forces.  

ECM’s PCB Stator solutions offer the highest fidelity for sonar systems with minimized electromagnetic interference (EMI) and acoustic noise. PCB Stator motors emit minimal EMI compared to traditional counterparts thanks to a harmonious design approach. By preventing harmonics from exciting mechanical modes within the motor, ECM motors significantly reduce EMI levels, ensuring a cleaner and quieter operating environment.  

And noise reduction isn’t the only benefit. The fully encapsulated windings on ECM designed PCB Stator electric motors eliminate vibrations, which enhances smooth operation, overall system performance, and longevity. 

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ECM has worked with numerous partners, including L3 Harris, to devise next generation electric motors that are smaller, quieter, and more energy and space efficient. PrintStator is also available to any innovator as a SaaS offering.  

To optimize your electric motor system and join ECM’s quiet motor revolution connect with us at our Design Your Own page.  

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