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Robotics Motor Solutions

PCB stator technology benefits robotic applications by providing ultra-thin, lightweight motors that deliver superior torque and efficiency, enabling more compact and agile robotic designs.
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Innovation Within Robotics

ECM’s unique motor topology offers a novel motor solution for integration in next generation robotics applications. 

Whether battery powered or stationary, ECM’s technology provides an electric motor solution that can improve on the compactness, weight, efficiency, and accuracy of robotics applications. 

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Allowing Compact Integrations

The technology platform offered by ECM, including the PCB Stator topology and PrintStator, offers design teams the opportunity to tightly embed their motor within the robot’s design.

PCB Stator motors offer a compact and lightweight design alongside a high level of design flexibility. The axial flux form factor present in ECM’s solutions ensures a remarkably compact motor with the opportunity to customize for integration. 

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Compact and Lightweight Designs

ECM’s innovative technology enables the creation of high-power-density motors with minimal axial length, making it possible to design compact and lightweight robotic systems that were previously unattainable.

When integrated with a harmonic drive ECM’s solution offered an almost 50% decrease in both weight and axial length while also increasing on the efficiency of the legacy solution. 

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Providing Extreme Accuracy

ECM’s PCB Stator topology offers absolute resolution when utilizing a 24-bit encoder, a remarkable 16,777,216 discrete positions are enabled. 

ECM PCB Stator motors, have a unique design that eliminates cogging and provides smooth torque. This is achieved through the absence of iron in the stator core, making them air core machines and thus ensuring that there is no attraction between the magnets and the stator core, resulting in a smooth rotation without the unwanted pulsating torques caused by cogging. 

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The unique topology of ECM PCB Stator motors allows for an unprecedented design flexibility, with custom solutions design specifically for the application requirements. The axial flux motor configuration enables seamless integration with various torque multipliers, while the option for hollow shaft designs further enhances the technology’s adaptability. 

Leveraging PrintStator allows for an entirely optimized design optimized with a unique deifinition of various motor parameters, including copper thickness, number of layers, geometry, pole count, turns per pole, magnetic material, and magnetic grade. 


ECM integrates PCB Stator Technology into Robotic Joint Actuator applications

ECM has taken a significant leap by seamlessly integrating its state-of-the-art printed circuit board (PCB) stator technology into compact, powerful actuator assemblies designed specifically for robotic joint applications.