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PCB Stator CEO, Brian Casey, guests on Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Brian Casey, CEO and President, appeared on Bloomberg News’ BusinessWeek recently to discuss electric motor design and innovation.

Hosts Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec engaged Brian about the size and scope of the electric motor market and the increased need for specialized and better performing machines.

By one estimate, demand for electric motors will surge to over a billion units a year across nearly every imaginable vertical in a sector valued at well over $200 billion annually.

Brian elaborated on ECM’s PCB Stator electric motor innovation and PrintStator SaaS platform as a solution to meeting global demand for highly efficient electric motors produced to custom specs using less raw materials.

“Our software takes discreet inputs—how much torque, how much power, what rotation speed do you need—and converts that into a design for a custom PCB Stator that’s used in axial-flux machines,”

Casey explained.
Brian Casey of ECM PCB Stator Technology on Bloomberg

“Long story short is [our motor designs] in axial-flux air-core machines have maximum torque and superior power in a much smaller footprint.”

Brian expanded on how ECM’s SaaS model can scale the benefits of PCB Stator technology to multiple innovators globally.

Brian Casey of ECM PCB Stator Technology being interviewed on Bloomberg

“That stator [that we design] can be printed anywhere in the world—so in essence we’re allowing our clients to become their own motor OEMs.”

Additional topics discussed by Brian with Bloomberg BusinessWeek hosts included:

You can catch the entire interview through the above YouTube link and here.

PCB Stator next to a traditional electric motor
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