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ECM’s Electric Motor Design Software: PrintStator

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ECM’s Revolutionary Design to Manufacture Electric Motor Design Software.

ECM’s advanced motor CAD software, PrintStator, is an innovative SaaS platform that transforms user specifications into optimized printed circuit board (PCB) Stator motor designs.

PrintStator offers unmatched flexibility, time-to-market, and scalability for the next generation of motor and generator.

Breaking Convention

Motors incorporating ECM’s printed circuit board innovation are: 

  • Upto 70% Lighter
  • Achieve efficiencies greater than 90%
  • Use up to 80% less raw materials
Suboptimal Motors

For decades, product designers and innovators have faced the same limitations when selecting a motor or generator for their system. Whether improving an existing system or creating an entirely new technology, engineers must either pick from a catalog of finite existing machines or design a custom solution from scratch.

Each has its challenges. Designing a custom-built electric motor around your system can be a long and laborintensive process. And the best-fit, off-the-shelf motor is commonly oversized, run at below peak efficiency, and ignores many application specifics such as thermal conditions.

Interface with Innovation

PrintStator offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates electric motor innovation. Engineers can create entirely unique motor designs for their specific solutions or access a library of existing designs and customize them as per their requirements.

Customization options

The software provides a range of customization options, including and not limited to:

  • motor dimensions
  • voltage/current restraints
  • performance specifications
  • target efficiency
  • specific magnetic material integrated
Rapid design iteration

PrintStator analyzes the motor’s electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical behavior to provide users with accurate predictions of motor performance, and enable rapid design iteration.

Simple 5 Step Design to Manufacture Process

ECM's Design to manufacture process

A Cloud Based Solution for Electric Motor Design Software

PrintStator Motor CAD is a patented, cloud-based CAD/CAM software platform which transforms specific customer requirements into unique, optimized printed circuit board (PCB) stator designs.

Image showing the adaption from Gerber File to Stator to Motor

From a discrete set of motor characteristics, including torque and speed, and design constraints, such as weight and efficiency targets, PrintStator creates purpose-built machines for any application. For each discrete design, PrintStator automatically produces a set of Gerber files which can be used to print the stator at PCB manufacturers worldwide.

With PrintStator, design to prototyping to scaled production of PCB stators is an efficient process, requiring little manpower and utilizing existing manufacturing techniques and machinery. Within a broad range of applicability, a motor designed and developed with PrintStator will almost always be lighter, smaller, and more efficient in an application than an off-the-shelf motor.

Features & optimization

Exact Motor Designs

PrintStator’s advanced modeling algorithms transform discrete motor specifications into optimized PCB motor stator designs without the risk of human error.

Feedback loop

Data is fed back into the software via a feedback loop to ensure continued improvement to the software and its algorithms.

Design Flexibility

PrintStator provides users unparalleled design flexibility, allowing users to design a motor around their system rather than designing their system around a motor.

PrintStator Motor CAD designed stators
Simulation Tools

PrintStator accurately simulates the performance of each motor design under a variety of operating environments, allowing users to quickly optimize solutions to better fit their specific application.


PrintStator’s users can optimize motor designs for a variety of characteristics including weight, efficiency, torque density, size, current, and/or a combination of criteria depending on application requirements.

Rapid Design Cycle

PrintStator enables swift iterations on designs through the input of altered parameters. With PrintStator, complete models are ready in a matter of hours and functioning prototypes are just weeks away.

Simplified Manufacturing

PrintStator produces unique Gerber files with each motor design. These files can be sent to PCB manufacturers worldwide for immediate prototyping—offering a simplified manufacturing process and rapid design-to-prototyping cycle

Applicable Products

PCB Stators can be used in motors, brakes, generators, and actuators for many industries including HVAC, robotics, unmanned vehicles, precision motion control, e-mobility, physical therapy, and healthcare.

Software Updates

As a cloud-based software, PrintStator has an integrated feedback loop that ensures the continued improvement of modeling accuracy and optimization capabilities. PrintStator users can expect regular software updates.

Exact Solutions

PrintStator’s advanced algorithms transform discrete motor specifications into optimized PCB stator designs.

Motors developed by Electric Motor Design Software PrintStator.

PrintStator Electric Motor Design Software in Action

ECM’s current partners are using PrintStator to gain competitive advantage in existing solutions and enable new technologies.

ECM technology in AUV motor propulsion

“After years of run time with our current propulsion systems, we turned to ECM in 2019 and asked them to design a motor optimized especially for our IVER4-900 series of autonomous underwater vehicles [AUVs]. We needed the propulsion system to be highly efficient, super quiet, and more compact. ECM delivered [leveraging PrintStator for a unique, advanced solution]

Following exhaustive testing, both in the lab and in water, we have standardized on the ECM-design.”

Daryl Slocum: Ocean Server & Director of Product Development L3 Harris

The successful implementation of solutions designed through PrintStator has provided many benefits including up to 15% increase in efficiency, a decrease in audible noise. PrintStator reduces supply chain risks stemming from location and market, leverages the power of the market to reduce costs, scales production by leveraging an existing and highly evolved industry, and ultimately provides a designer with exactly the right motor or generator.

Next Steps for PrintStator Motor CAD

Licensing for PrintStator will be made available to individuals, companies, startups, governments and universities, allowing engineers to interact directly with the software platform to create their own integrated, specialized motors and generators – specific to their end-use applications – and leverage printed circuit board design houses and other ECM approved vendors to deliver a complete solution within weeks.

To discuss the benefits of ECM’s PrintStator software package and PCB stator technology for your next application, please email or visit our PrintStator webpage for further information.