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ECM Printed Circuit Board Stator Technology Overview

Motor as software

ECM Printed Circuit Board Stator (PCB) Technology redefines how engineers interact with motors.

ECM’s proprietary software platform, PrintStator, drives the design and manufacture of optimized printed circuit board (PCB) stator electric motors for many electrified applications.

ECM Printed Circuit Board Stator Electric Motor Software PrintStator

Eliminate wire windings

Energy Efficient Motors - PCB Stator vc Conventional copper wound stator

ECM PCB Stator motors eliminate the need for wire-windings and iron laminations used in conventional motors, making way for the next generation of axial flux motors

Efficiency at its core

Printed Circuit Board Stator Electric Motors offer premium energy efficiencies and increased design flexibility at a fraction of the manufacturing cost. With PrintStator, the integration of PCB Stator motors is an efficient process that requires less labor and utilizes existing manufacturing techniques and machinery

PrintStator motor CAD

ECM’s advanced design and manufacturing software, PrintStator, significantly reduces
production cycle time, eliminates human error, and rapidly transforms end-use specifications into optimized motor designs
Production ready

From basic motor requirements, including torque and speed, and design constraints, such as weight and efficiency targets, PrintStator creates purpose-built PCB Stator motor designs that are immediately ready for production.


Motors designed with PrintStator have already provided ECM partners with benefits including up to 15% increases in efficiency, a 66% reduction in weight, a 70% reduction in axial length and significant decreases in audible noise.

Design flexibility

Beyond designing an exact motor for your job, the PrintStator platform offers unmatched design flexibility, time-to-market, and scalability

Design Your Own PCB Stator Motor

ECM’s PrintStator software will transform your specific application requirements into an optimized, purpose-built PCB Stator motor.

Image showing ECMs PCB Stator Design Your Own Motor process

PrintStator History

PrintStator Motor Cad Logo

PrintStator motor CAD is a cloud-based CAD/CAM software platform that leverages PCB manufacturing to print stators for coreless axial flux machines.

PrintStator’s optimization algorithms quickly transform customer application requirements into an optimized motor design that’s ready for rapid prototyping and commercial production.


PrintStator, ECM’s modeling software, is launched and successfully models an e-mobility application from discrete inputs, automatically generating associated Gerber and drawing files. 6” PCB stators are “printed” at a local PCB house for utilization with 1.2kW eV motors.


ECM files three patents: (1) addressing thermal management in PCB stators; (2) addressing winding losses via unique methods, geometries and structures in PCB stators; (3) specific to apparatus and method for forming a magnet assembly


PrintStator successfully produces “stacked stator” designs, allowing higher operating voltages. ECM acquires 625 patent rights, is granted 3 patents and files 2 additional patents.


PrintStator successfully incorporates CAM subroutines to seamlessly translate optimized motor design geometry to G-code utilized by CNC machine tools that manufacture component parts, improving overall quality and nearly eliminating operator error.


PrintStator successfully incorporates CAM subroutines to seamlessly translate optimized motor design geometry to G-code utilized by CNC machine tools that manufacture component parts, improving overall quality and nearly eliminating operator error.


ECM utilizes PrintStator for the large-scale commercial adoption of PCB stators in axial flux motors. ECM also launches Saas platform for PrintStator.

ECM Printed Circuit Board Stator Electric Motor Technology Core Advantages

Premium Efficiency

ECM’s PCB stator technology has been integrated in motors with efficiencies greater than 90%.


PrintStator optimizes the use of copper and other materials to provide superior torque with less mass.

Superior Motion

ECM motors have zero cogging and smooth torque for a superior quality of motion compared to conventional machines.

Torque Density

PrintStator designs motors that deliver more torque with less mass. ECM machines reduce up to 70% of the mass over competing designs.

Increased Durability

ECM PCB Stator’s continuous coil design and encapsulated windings eliminate many common failures and increase life expectancy.

Design Flexibility

PrintStator reduces design cycle time and improves design flexibility, producing an optimized solution for every application.

Low EMI & Acoustics

PCB Stator motors produce significantly less electromagnetic interference and acoustic noise is up to 30db quieter.

Manufacturing Ease

ECM’s technology leverages manufacturing methods used in the construction of all PCBs for cost-effective and reliable production.

Industries using the PrintStator platform

Infinite possibilities

With ECM’s software platform, a nearly infinite number of motor designs are possible. Whether improving an existing system or creating an entirely new technology, motors designed and developed with PrintStator provide remarkable system level efficiency improvements in a significantly smaller package than an off-the-shelf motor.

Diverse applications

To date, ECM has designed and optimized over 100 unique electric motors for diverse applications.

“The result of this collaboration, using PrintStator to create a custom PCB Stator solution, is a major step forward for both the film industry and high torque, high precision haptics.”

Boyd Hobbs: CEO and Founder NODO Film Systems

Integration Process

ECM offers a 5-step integration process to bring your application from design to production.
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