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Manufacturing Electric Motors with PCB Stator Technology

ECM’s technology platform simplifies manufacturing electric motors with PCB Stator Technology.

The electrification movement is expanding and there are countless frustrations with traditional motor sourcing and design. ECM’s motor platform enables the rapid design and production of custom, premium electric motors for many diverse applications.

The combination of ECM’s new PCB based motors and their PrintStator software’s advanced design-to-manufacture processes results in simple, cost-effective vertical integration.

ECM’s focus as a software and R&D enterprise is to equip partner organizations with the ability to become manufacturers and suppliers of custom PCB Stator motors.

Manufacturing Electric Motors 5 step process

Manufacturing Electric Motors with ECM’s Simple 5 Step process

  1. Parameters & Constraints
    The PrintStator motor CAD software uses input motor specifications and constraints to produce custom PCB Stator motor designs with exact operating characteristics.

  2. Design Optimization
    Using proprietary algorithms, PCB Stator designs are then further optimized for specialized criteria such as weight, efficiency, and material cost.

  3. File Creation
    PrintStator automatically produces a package of design files with each custom design. These Gerber files are in the standard format for printed circuit boards and can be utilized by global PCB houses for immediate production of the motor.

  4. Assembly
    ECM’s motors are axial flux and have less parts offering a simplified and scalable assembly process. A typical assembly of these PCB Stator motors does not require more than 12 steps.

  5. Manufacturing
    leverages the advanced manufacturing techniques of the global printed circuit board industry to create a cost-effective and highly repeatable manufacturing process for these advanced electric motors. There is no need for expensive winding lines or any specialized production equipment.

Manufacturing Electric Motors with Patented PCB Stator Technology PCB Stator Technology.

With our focus on Application Specific Design Customization, you can tailor electric motors to meet your precise needs. Leveraging our proprietary Design Optimization Software, PrintStator, we ensure the highest level of performance and efficiency. Our intelligent, cost-effective manufacturing process not only saves you time and resources but also provides environmentally responsible solutions.

  • Application Specific Design Customization.
  • Proprietary Design optimization software.
  • intelligent cost-effective manufacturing process.
  • Revolutionary design for manufacture platform.
Image showing the adaption from Gerber File to Stator to Motor