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ECM Hosts PrintStator Motor CAD Working Group Event 

Motor as software presents unparalleled possibilities to optimize electrical systems.  

Photo of ECM, President and CEO Brian Casey with A3's VP of marketing, Deb Kling
ECM, President and CEO Brian Casey with A3’s VP of Marketing, Deb Kling

ECM held its inaugural PrintStator working group meeting at Needham HQ. The occasion marked the conclusion of the exclusive release of ECM’s advanced motor CAD software and plotted the road ahead for PrintStator’s public launch in Q1 2024.  

Led by CEO Brian Casey, team ECM hosted over 30 PrintStator partners, prospects, and senior industry association figures.  

The day included a series of presentations by team ECM and valued partners on electric motor design leveraging PCB Stator innovation and advanced motor CAD.  

The day included a series of presentations by team ECM and valued partners on leveraging advanced motor CAD and PCB Stator innovation to optimize axial flux electric motors.  

The event kicked off with an overview by ECM’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Steven Shaw, on the latest advances in electric motor customization and optimization that can be achieved via PrintStator.  

Dr Steven Shaw Ph.D Presenting at ECM's PrintStator Event
ECM, CTO Dr. Steven Shaw Presenting at ECM’s PrintStator Event

As a company, ECM pairs PrintStator motor CAD to patented PCB Stator innovation to create premium performance, next generation axial flux motors

PCB Stators replace the bulky copper windings in traditional motors with an ultra-thin disc. PCB Stator motors designed via PrintStator are up to 70% lighter than conventional options, while achieving efficiencies in the mid-90s, and requiring just 20% of the raw materials

To scale these benefits broadly, PrintStator’s SaaS offering allows any electronics innovator—from startup entrepreneur to big-company engineer—to become an electric motor designer and producer. 

ECM’s SaaS model extends options for vertical integration and production to large and small industry players alike. 

Presentations throughout ECM’s PrintStator working group event spoke to these benefits.  

Nodo Film film founder Boyd Hobbs explained how his startup partnered with ECM to create a film controller with optimized motion control that’s now being used in major Hollywood productions. Aerospace and defense leader L3 Harris described using advanced motor CAD and PCB Stator technology to design the electric motor for its Iver4 AUV, now being deployed in numerous maritime applications.  

Gold Circuits Electronics VP Joe Beers offered a video presentation on how PCB Stators go from digital design file to physical production. Global electronics manufacturer Celestica highlighted the integration of advanced motor design software and PCB Stator innovation in its consumer electronics, robotic, and gimble systems design and production. ECM’s Angela Vellante and Rob Luchars presented the results of PrintStator’s exclusive release and product updates for the public SaaS release.   

And ECM CEO Brian Casey concluded the event with an overview of how disruption and innovation in the electric motor space are not only inevitable, but necessary given trends in automation and electrification.  

If you missed the 2023 PrintStator event, no worries. You can catch us next year. At the urging of our partners, team, and friends ECM plans to make the PrintStator event an annual affair.  

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