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Introducing PrintStator: ECM’s Revolutionary Motor Design and Optimization Software

PrintStator is a cloud-based Motor-CAD/CAM software platform that leverages PCB manufacturing to print stators for coreless axial flux machines. PrintStator’s optimization algorithms quickly transform customer application requirements into an optimized motor design that’s ready for rapid prototyping and commercial production.

ECM Core Advantages

“Our powerfully innovative software platform — PrintStator — guides the design and manufacture of the groundbreaking motor technology.”

ECM’s proprietary motor design and optimization software fundamentally changes the way motors are designed and manufactured.

Steve Shaw, PhD Chief Scientist, ECM

Industries using the PrintStator Platform

5-Step Integration Process

ECM offers a 5-step integration process to bring your application from design to production. To get started, email us at or visit

PrintStator Motor CAD Logo

Customized Designs

Specialized solutions with exact operating parameters.

Commercial Applications

Innovative applications powered by ECM’s PCB Stator technology.

ECM's PCB Stator