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Unlock Premium Efficiency: ECM’s Electric Motor Controller Revolution

ECM’s 5kW Unum Potentia controller powers ultra-efficient motor systems and greater optimization in a smaller package at a fraction of the cost.

ECM engineers developed the 5kW controller to maximize the benefits of our PrintStator Motor CAD platform and PCB Stator innovation. Pairing the Unum Potentia controller to PrintStator designed machines enables unprecedented motor system optimization. 

ECM's electric motor controller

Introducing the 5kW Unum Potentia Electric Motor Controller

ECM’s 5kW Unum Potentia controller is the centerpiece of this advancement, offering a measured efficiency of 98 percent

Achieving IE5 Ultra-Efficiency

When paired with a PrintStator designed PCB Stator machine, ECM’s new controller takes motor systems to the next level, achieving IE5 ultra-efficiency performance. This means reduced energy consumption and higher overall efficiency.

Customization via PrintStator for Electric Motor Efficiency

The ingenuity of ECM’s new motor controller lies in its full integration with our PrintStator motor CAD platform. This integration enables full customization from design to manufacturing, to ensure that your PCB Stator electric motors meet precise performance and form factor requirements. 

Plug and Play Design

The controller’s seamless compatibility with PrintStator allows for the effortless output of motor tuning parameters and their direct translation into a code file for the controller. This plug-and-play capability streamlines the motor system design process, saving valuable time and resources. 

Versatile and Efficient

ECM's electric motor controller

The Unum Potentia motor controller is capable of running motors ranging from 3kW to 8kW by making simple component changes, all while maintaining the same board and footprint. This versatility is a testament to ECM’s commitment to efficiency and innovation.

Key Specifications

The Unum Potentia controller operates on a 220 & 480 3-phase AC supply, offering sensorless control even at low speeds of around 50rpm. With FETs capable of switching upwards of 100kHz, it ensures top-tier performance and reliability.

Cost-Effective Solution

ECM’s new motor controller is a game-changer not only in terms of performance but also in cost.

The unit efficiency of this ECM controller is what’s driving greater overall system efficiency. With a near 100 percent efficient controller, you’re drawing less system energy to compensate for an inefficient controller.

Brian Casey, President and CEO of ECM PCB Stator Tech

This groundbreaking technology will be available to our PrintStator SaaS clients and partners at just 1/10th the cost of comparable controllers.

Incorporating ECM’s Unum Potentia electric motor controller into your systems is a smart and cost-effective move. It not only improves efficiency but also allows for extensive customization through our PrintStator CAD platform. Revolutionize your electric motors with ECM, and experience the future of energy-efficient, high-performance motors. 

ECM's Electric Motor Controller

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